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Auream Phoenix University for Women Legal Status
Auream Phoenix University for Women

Legal Status

The Auream Phoenix University for Women was founded on March the 14th, 2014. Its headquarters were located in the Commonwealth of Dominica, 8 Coptall, Roseau Valley 00152, in accordance with the provisions of the International Business Act 1936, 17821 registered number. Its goal is to operate as an International Private Business University via Distance learning all over the world. Its activity is implicitly authorized by the Ministry of Industry of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica by the Article 4 of the founding statute of Selinus University of Science and Literature ltd.

On the 21st day of July 2021, under Law 32 of 1927, Article 36, by public deed No. 12,053, notary Erick Barciela Chambers, Eighth Notary of the Republic Panama Circuit, the APUW was transferred to Panama as Selinus University of Science and Literature S.A and duly publicly registered on August the 2nd 2021 (number 155710727 with Perpetual duration). APUW does not carry out any teaching or administrative activities in the jurisdiction of Panama. The global academic, administrative and technical-commercial activities are carried out in Italy under specific license by Uniselinus Europe Networking University srl, Via Roma 200 - 97100 Ragusa.


Auream Phoenix University for Women (APUW) is the first private, international, Distance Learning, purpose-built university exclusively dedicated to the education of women. APUW allows every woman engaged in work and family to study and complete her academic goals while remaining in the comfortable environment of her own home.

Contact info

  • Uniselinus Europe Networking University srl
  • Via Roma, 200
  • 97100 Ragusa, Italy
  • VAT IT03860671209 - REA RG 438605
  • +39 0932 51 89 85