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To get a Bachelor

To get a Bachelor

via Distance Learning

Master's Degree Online

Master's Degree Online

via Distance Learning

Philosophy Doctor (Ph.D) Degree

Philosophy Doctor (Ph.D) Degree

by Research via distance learning


APUW provides tools for accurate communication and a strategic view of reality to ensure each student a successful career.

It encourages freedom of inquiry, curiosity, discovery and self-esteem to train women professionals having a new sense of responsibility and leadership. Combining theory and practice for ethical and responsible cultural growth is our mission. Auream Phoenix University for Women claims that any curriculum real recognition comes from the student’s self-awareness and from the social system and not from any government accreditation. We aim at supporting adult learners and let them succeed in their study programs while maintaining an excellent reputation. APUW endorses the fundamental right of education as stated in the Declaration of Human Rights by providing individuals, regardless of race, religious or political beliefs, with a viable and quick alternative to achieve their educational goals through the support of a prestigious academic degree. APUW wishes to lead them toward authentic human, civic and professional fulfillment.

Start changing your life today!

APUW's educational standards are designed to facilitate studying. Its educational programs are only delivered in distance learning mode and aim at creating a personalized learning environment useful to achieve academic goals through a modern and agile pedagogical model of ongoing education.

Such a simple and innovative e-learning model satisfies women learners’ training needs, ensuring full independence and personalized didactics paths. The result is a study experience of personal improvement, an exercise of joy and freedom.

Independence and modernity, interactivity and freedom, open-mindedness and intelligence; those are the elements that characterize APUW educational criteria. An exclusive model that recognizes the whole previous experience of the candidates through a strict verification. That allows them to overcome any possible work and family hindrance, letting women students achieve a degree that is fundamental for their social and professional improvement.

In many world areas, women have often been victims of limitations by political and social systems. Far more than men, they have suffered different levels of discriminations: they fought and they still are fighting in many countries of the world for equal access to jobs besides equal salaries. Luckily, today the radical social change together with globalization have brought a massive transformation of the world of work: a shift toward professions oriented to the contemporary world and its individuals’ new needs. As a consequence, some academic courses have remained old and obsolete on one hand, while on the other, informal institutions such as APUW have opened up new study perspectives and new opportunities to women.

Independent universities such as Auream Phoenix University for Women (APUW) maintain that studies recognition comes from the work market. A private company is free to consider and choose employees or officers from public or private institutions. This depends on the company needs and the academic prestige of the university.

APUW offers two hundred study courses, suitable for every profile and unique: their structure and implementation cannot be compared to traditional universities ones. As mentioned elsewhere in our information, APUW as an online distance learning institution and in the absence of traditional campuses, classrooms and laboratories, does not carry out study programs in health professional disciplines or other sensitive areas that, due to specific characteristics, require laboratory experiences, state licenses and full-time classroom study attendance. You need to apply to traditional universities to study these disciplines.

APUW's entire educational staff works to achieve quality study outcomes internationally: appreciated by public and private institutions, agencies, industries and international bodies around the world. Non-traditional curricula, such as those delivered by the APUW, are very important; they recognize experiences and knowledge gained outside the classroom, promoting a broader and more comprehensive learning experience perspective.

The main concept behind a speeded up program is that individuals who have a considerable work experience in the field of the required degree, often already possess basic knowledge in that field. That happens despite they might not have any traditional academic background and it is mainly due to years of professional engagement and practice. This "know how" can be demonstrated carrying out a thesis and using an experienced supervisor’s help. At least 30 years old women who have a minimum of 3 years of provable professional experience may, in some cases and under certain conditions, have direct access to the final thesis.
For example, an accountant having a high school diploma and several years of professional experience certainly has the background knowledge for a Bachelor of Science in Economics. An entrepreneur with 10 years of business experience already has the expertise for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. A counselor that has helped people for years already has the professional experience of a Psychology graduate. These students are already virtually graduates and they can take advantage of the A.P.E.L (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning) method. All this means that once assessed, they can bypass all, or part, of the traditional exams, focusing directly on the final thesis for the Degree.
For adult learners in the third millennium, exams are an old and outdated system to test knowledge. Evidence of mastering area subjects is demonstrated by APUW students through targeted and specific written Project Work agreed with the Students Advisors and submitted. All reporting, including submission of the Final Thesis, is done through email or upload in the student area.
In the case of the A.P.E.L. program, the final thesis is not only the result of a precise research, but also the product of years of professional experience. Basically, the APEL method allows the student to express his or her ideas in an effective and articulate way, ensuring in the meantime a broader study of the subject and an improvement in his or her professional skills. In fact, through research papers, each student improves his or her intellectual curiosity, creativity, ability to develop topics and, as an already experienced professional, to identify and examine the best resources related to his or her subject of study.

If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.
(Margaret Thatcher)

If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.

Amazing women who have changed the world


Auream Phoenix University for Women (APUW) is the first private, international, Distance Learning, purpose-built university exclusively dedicated to the education of women. APUW allows every woman engaged in work and family to study and complete her academic goals while remaining in the comfortable environment of her own home.

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