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Doctor of excellence hcThe title of Doctor of Excellence or Excellentia Doctor in Latin, is a recognition of professional and intellectual excellence that indicates the social, human and civil value of highly qualified professionals and intellectuals who have achieved a personal and professional excellence in their areas of relevance. they are a motivating example in their community.

The Doctor of Excellence Honoris Causa recognizes the human and intellectual excellence of a person and confirms the important civil role played in the social, cultural and professional sphere.

The Doctor of Excellence is not an academic qualification, therefore, does not require the academic requirements normally required for the achievement of a university doctorate. Essentially the Doctor of Excellence, being a recognition obtained for cultural, civil or social merits, can be considered as an honorary degree.

The recipients of a Doctor of Excellence can, if they wish, adopt the title of Doctor HC, expressed however in the original form as it is issued in the diploma. In Europe, but also in the USA or in Australia it is possible to use the title provided it is shown in the original with the indication that it is an Honoris Causa title, for example:

Dr. Jonh Smart, D. On. Ex.
Dr. Jonh Smart, Doctor of Excellence (H.C.)
Dr. Jonh Smart, Doctor of Excellence (Honoris Causa)

The admissibility to the Doctor of Excellence degree is evaluated by the Auream Phoenix University, through a system of recognition of credits, professional, cultural, civil and social, taken from the candidate's curriculum.

To be eligible, you need to get 75 EPS (Excellence Point System). The breakdown for scoring credits is based on interpreting the candidate's CV by evaluating credits for age, professional experience, leadership, training, education, any published books, awards and recognitions, other professional achievements , diploma or degree, other doctorates, licenses and certifications, social and professional positions, membership of associations, cultural, voluntary, etc.


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The Auream Phoenix University (APU)) has established a method EPS (Excellence Point System) to validate the eligibility of a candidate to the Doctor of Excellence award. It is necessary to obtain a minimum of 75 EPS in order to be eligible for the Doctor of Excellence. The APU board maintains the conferment standard high, so that each winner is a point of reference for his community and recognized with certainty as a person of excellence at a global level.

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Doctor of Excellence Award

The title of Doctor of Excellence or Excellentia Doctor in Latin, is a recognition of professional and intellectual excellence that indicates the social, human, civil value of professions that have achieved professional excellence in their fields of relevance and that are a motivating example for their community.

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The Doctor of Excellence is a professional recognition that provides an independent quality assurance reference for highly qualified professionals from all fields of knowledge. The mission of the Doctor of Excellence Honoris Causa is a recognized brand of excellence and professional ability, of exceptional professional career, of services to mankind and of international achievements.

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Auream Phoenix University

The most important recognition of the Auream Phoenix University comes from civil society, from the world of work and professions. Every day we receive appreciation from people who live the experience of a Doctorate of Excellence. They are entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, teachers, writers, artists: leading people in their reference sectors, who enjoy the advantages and international prestige of the Doctor of Excellence Award.

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The steps for the awarding of a Doctorate of excellence are:

  • download the application form and send it with the Curriculum Vitae attached to the following email:
  • The committee will develop the Credits of its CV and will decide on its suitability.
  • If your request is approved by Selinus University, the secretariat will send you the official letter of assignment and you will be asked to pay a contribution fee for secretarial expenses of 1050 euros.
  • Once the transfer fee (or first installment) has been paid, the documents will be read to be processed for the issue of the security that will take place within 4/6 weeks.
  • The Doctor of Excellence Title can not be awarded before the full balance of the transfer fee.


The title of Doctor of Excellence Award is awarded in the form of two diplomas: Excellentia Doctor (Latin version) or Doctor of Excellence (English version).


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