About Us

The Auream Phoenix University is a global university institution of reference for the biographical evaluation of people who have achieved excellence in the world. The high human, civil, social, political and cultural profile is awarded by the Auream Phoenix University with the Doctor of Excellence Award. A title of absolute international prestige that places, the person who receives it, among the people of relevance in the reference areas.

The members of the Commission for the awarding of the Doctor of Excellence awards contribute with their different educational backgrounds and their multi-disciplinary skills to keep the standard of conferment high, so that each award winner is a point of reference in his community and recognized with certainty as a person of excellence on a global level.

The Auream Phoenix University is registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica under the laws of the British Commonwealth and is based in Roseau Walley.


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Dr. Ernest Fahim Ph.D
Dr. Francisco Bulnes Ph.D
Dr. Adriana Nifosì M.Sc
Dr. Yogendra M. Shestha Ph.D
Dr. Hussein Abaza Ph.D
Dr. Salvatore Fava Ph.D
Dr. Antonio Vivaldi Ph.D
Dr. Sunil Dharmappa Ph.D
Angelo Sinisi Ph.D
Sinisi Ileana Crenguța PhD