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Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning APEL


Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) is an assessment and verification process that allows you to earn academic credit from previous academic or professional experience.

Through APEL, we can formally assess and recognize past and present learning related to your current profession.
We assess by APEL:

1) The certified learning completed in another educational institution where qualifications and academic credits have been earned.
2) Previous experiential learning gained from experiences outside the formal education and training channels (e.g. work/life experience).
3) Learning through courses with no credits system (e.g. in-house training, online courses, seminar participation).
4) Specific skills: digital, language, cultural etc.

The acquired learning needs to be consistent with the specific field and program of study you are willing to pursue at Auream Phoenix University. 

For a profile evaluation and in order to get a Provisional Certificate for free (you will find there the credits you have obtained as a basis to access the study program) please, send your detailed CV to


Auream Phoenix University for Women (APUW) is the first private, international, Distance Learning, purpose-built university exclusively dedicated to the education of women. APUW allows every woman engaged in work and family to study and complete her academic goals while remaining in the comfortable environment of her own home.

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