The minimum age to apply for Doctorate of Excellence is 30 years. For the evaluation of the candidate, to validate the admissibility to the Doctor of Excellence award, the commission established a standard based on the EPS Point System (Excellence Point System). Eligibility is based on the critical reading of the candidate's Curriculum Vitae. To obtain the Doctorate of Excellence, at least 75 EPS must be obtained. To avoid discrimination of any kind, the commission assesses the merits of the candidate with reference to any area of ​​knowledge, art, culture, professions, science, sport, without any social, religious, political or citizenship discrimination.

The EPS are assigned on the basis of the candidate's CV without distinction of cultural area and can be assigned for human, social, artistic, literary, scientific, technological, literary merits. Reaching the necessary EPS does not oblige Auream Phoenix University to confer the Doctor of Excellence Honoris Causa.

Some examples of distribution of credit points based on the interpretation of the CV and documentary evidence

EPS of age (divide age by 2)
EPS of leadership (from 5 to 20 points)
EPS of Postgraduate Education (10 points for each postgraduate degree)
EPS for Bachelor's Degrees (20 points for each degree)
EPS for Professional Licenses or Certifications (1 to 5 points for each)
EPS for teaching and / or academic experience (1 to 5 points for each)
EPS for honors, prizes and other awards (1 to 5 points each)
EPS for publications, books, research and articles (from 1 to 5 points for each)
EPS for social assistance and humankind services (from 5 to 20 points)
EPS for other professional and / or international results (from 5 to 20 points)
EPS for language skills (from 3 to 6 points)
EPS for digital skills (from 5 to 10 points)

Doctor of Excellence Award

The Doctor of Excellence HC obtained at the Auream Phoenix University is a title of great international prestige. It has a great cultural value as it is assigned, not for a course of study, which anyone can do, but following an overall assessment of the candidate's profile through a predefined standard: this means that the Doctor of Excellence corresponds to a precise and unquestionable human, civil, cultural and professional stature.

In relation to the activities carried out by the candidate: professional, religious, political, cultural, the Doctor of Excellence greatly improves the general professional profile of its holder, confirms a social status above the average, certifies general skills, legitimate professional or managerial roles, confirmation of specific professionalism.

A person's reputation depends largely on his skills, his culture and his training. For this reason, obtaining the Doctorate of Excellence from Auream Phoenix University can be decisive in achieving its human, social, cultural and professional goals.

The Doctor of Excellence is, in fact, a certification that shows that the candidate has reached a high social level, indicating who has received the award as a reference person in the community in in which he lives.


The Auream Phoenix University is convinced of the fundamental importance of people's value. Culture, professionalism, skills  and education  are very important reference values. They must be recognized and certified so that every person of value is recognized as such.

People who have achieved high professional, human and civil standards and possess a significant cultural background, obtained through study, professional activity, human experience, skills, have the right to verify their suitability and obtain, if in meet the requirements of a Doctorate of Excellence from Auream Phoenix University. This is our mission: to recognize the value of people, to recognize people as a value.

Auream Phoenix University

The APU collects and recognizes leading people in the different countries of the world that contribute to the daily growth of their geographical area: people whose leadership is a point of reference for the community in which they live. The Doctor of Excellence Award has been adopted by Auream Phoenix University to offer the international business community, intellectual, scientific and artistic a series of advantages that favor its development and at the same time certify its leadership.

The Auream Phoenix University was founded in 2016 in Roseau Walley in the Commonwealth of Dominica, then extending its business globally. It promotes the development of individuals all over the world, recognizing and promoting the fundamental values of peoples, personal growth and leadership through the awarding of the Doctor of Excellence Award.