What is the "Doctor of Excellence"?

It is a HC award conferred for social, human, civil and professional merits.

Is the "Doctor of Excellence" a traditional degree?

No, it's not a traditional degree. In fact, the candidate does not take exams or perform a final thesis. This Doctorate can be considered on a par with an HC degree.

Can I wear the Doctor's title?

Yes, in many countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, United States etc. it is allowed to wear this title. It is however a personal preference. For the recipient of an HC degree who wants to get the doctorate, it must be clear that the title is honorary. For example:

Dr. John Smart, D. Hon. Former.
Dr. John Smart, Doctor of Excellence (H.C.)
Dr. John Smart, Doctor of Excellence (Honoris Causa)

If my profile will be eligible in which language will the PhD be awarded to me?

The title is given in two languages: modern version in English (Doctor of Excellence). Ancient version in Latin (Excellentia Doctor). The candidate must indicate his preference in the application form.

After I submit my application form and CV, how will I know if my profile has received the Doctor of Excellence?

The secretariat will send you an official "letter of conferment".

After sending the Application Form and CV, how long does it take to get an answer from Auream Phoenix University?

The time required to evaluate the candidate's profile, unless otherwise requested, is about a week.

From the moment of confirmation of my eligibility, how long will I have to wait for the title?

The Doctor of Excellence is conferred within thirty days following the official letter of assignment.

How is it where I will have to pay the planned expenses?

Together with the letter of assignment, the secretariat will send an invoice with the bank details. It is also possible to pay with PayPal and credit / debit card.

How much are the secretarial expenses?

The costs of the secretariat, of conferment, including the delivery of the diploma by international express courier, amount to USD 1000 all-inclusive. Or at 890 euros all inclusive.